The S.Y.C offers classes to suit everyone’s needs, from the raw beginner to the advanced practitioner. There is no competition in Yoga practice, and all students move with their own breath at their own pace.


In all classes the emphasis is on developing correct understanding and technique for practice, while modifications, adjustments and variations of postures and breathing (Pranayama) techniques are always given for students at all levels of practice.


Special Event

Relax and Restore - Hatha Afternoon Retreat with Anthony


Saturday 23rd July 2016  12:30 - 4:15pm

A half-day Retreat at Scarborough Yoga Centre to gently stretch, breathe, relax and meditate into a calmer, quieter space.


This format will follow that of traditional Ashram training. Utilising 'rounds' of various aspects of Yoga, the emphasis will be on becoming centred and still, whilst releasing excess tension and balancing the system.


Each round will consist of 60 minutes of gentle mat asana (bends, twists and stretches), followed by a 15 minute session of pranayama and 15 minutes of sitting (or lying) meditation. Apart from soft background music playing, we will be in silence for each round to make it easier to calm the mind.


2 rounds will be completed, followed by a longer Yoga Nidra Session, as we rest on the mats with bolsters and blankets.


Light refreshments will be served at the end of the Retreat.


Payment is $70, to be paid on the day. Noelette will be away, so please no cards etc, as I am not familiar with processing electronic payments as yet!


All levels welcome, this will be a very gentle guided afternoon.




 Thanks everyone and see you soon,



Scarborough Yoga Centre 176a St Brigids Terrace, Scarborough, WA 6019 Telephone: 0431 996 073