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The Scarborough Yoga Centre is an Ashtanga Vinyasa focused Yoga centre. Our aim is to pass on this beautiful and transformational tradition of Yoga to all students, as it has been transmitted to us.

The S.Y.C offers classes to suit everyone’s needs, from the raw beginner to the advanced practitioner. There is no competition in Yoga practice, and all students move with their own breath at their own pace.



In all classes the emphasis is on developing correct understanding and technique for practice, while modifications, adjustments and variations of postures and breathing (Pranayama) techniques are always given for students at all levels of practice.




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A general Hatha yoga class suitable for first timers of all ages and flexibility levels. This course offers a structured introduction to a range of yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation methods influenced by the Ashtanga and Iyengar styles. All courses must be booked in advance. Registration forms can be downloaded here (PDF).


This dynamic and ancient practice is taught through progressive set sequences starting with the Primary sequence (Yoga Therapy) onwards. Every student works to their own level and capability in the traditional method.

The Ashtanga Beginners Course develops the techniques and alignment necessary for the Guided Ashtanga and early morning Mysore classes.

( Note : Ashtanga Mysore and Ashtanga Beginners courses classes run continually each month, booking is essential. There is no casual early Mysore Morning attendance. No Mysore early morning class on moon days.  Mysore practice is available as a 3 day per week or 6 days per week option).


Open to all levels, Ashtanga and Iyengar influenced yoga with an emphasis on correct alignment in order to develop a solid foundation for practice. The general classes require the awareness and techniques developed in the beginner’s course.


Classes are designed specifically for pre and post natal care of the mother.  We focus specifically on strengthening poses to support the Mother's posture, alleviate digestive discomforts and encourage optimal foetal positioning.  Our aim is for the Mother to experience a deep sense of relaxation and release of tension from those areas of the body which take on the extra demands of the growing pregnancy.  Breath and Meditation techniques taught are also invaluable both pre & postnatal.


Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time, two to five minutes or longer per pose is typical.  The long-held Yin Yoga poses, which stress the connective tissues, would in addition to improving flexibility, gently stimulate the flow of qi in the meridian pathways, which would in turn nourish the organs and the whole body.


The Vinyasa practice is a flowing sequence of asanas usually built up upon Surya Namaskar (sun salutation), either from the classical Hatha or Ashtanga practice.  This is a fun, light hearted class combining movement and breath, you will be energized from the inside out.


An 8 week course designed for mothers and their babies.  A great way for mothers to meet other mums with babies of similar age.  Participating in the class and attending to your baby when required.  This is a course that is required to be booked in.


This is a Hatha Yoga class designed for beginners or people who have had a long break or injury and would like to ease back into their practice.



Workshops and courses are held regularly in areas such as Asana alignment, Prananyama, pregnancy and womens yoga, Pilates for Yoga practitioners, meditation, Sanskrit study, Ayerveda, and chanting. Remember to check the ‘Workshops and Events’ link for updated information regularly.


The Scarborough Yoga Centre offers private tuition. All sessions are approximately 1 hour.


Corporate style yoga classes are designed to suit people in the workplace. These classes can be arranged for before work, during a lunch break or after work. Corporate classes increase team moral making the work environment more creative, productive and enjoyable.



Yong Hur

With no substantial distractions (let alone exercise) to speak of, a lethargic Yong was ‘nudged’ into discovering yoga and Pilates in 2000 by a wise former partner. While the Pilates and partner are aspects of Yong’s past, yoga remains very much in the present in one form or another. Having discovered and connected with Ashtanga in 2006, Yong saw a magical aspect of the practice which beckoned commitment, and there was never ever going back to what was. The journey from what was, to what is, continues to be rewarding, enlightening and bloody difficult, but as they say – there is no going back, and while at various times Yong has pulled away from yoga’s orbit as dictated by rhythms of life, the gravitational pull, the wonder that is yoga has been too compelling to resist and it remains a constant in Yong’s daily life in different guises.

Whilst Yong’s chosen practice is ashtanga, any practice which floats your boat and gets you to where you’re going - it’s all good...

Noelette Mitchell

Noelette’s yoga journey began at Scarborough Yoga in 2001.  Being a dedicated student of Ashtanga Yoga she feels there is a softness in the strength of the practice.  Fuelled by a passion and curiosity Noelette delves deeper in to the 8 limbs of yoga through the study of Sanskrit, meditation and chanting. Noelette teaches a variety of styles of yoga from beginners to advanced and she is committed to inspire her students through their own practice and their own experience one breath at a time.

Di Newland

Through the dedicated practice of Ashtanga Yoga for many years Di learnt a lot about her body and her mind. ‘When you get to a level where you feel the beautiful flow of Ashtanga yoga it becomes such a lovely part of your life’. In 2010 Di started visiting the Buddhist Society in Nollamara where once a week you can sit through a half hour guided meditation followed by a Dharma talk from a senior monk or nun. In March 2013 she was voted onto the committee of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia. Di is now learning that lesson in balance and how to let go, through the practice of meditation and this is the foundation of her yoga practice today. Di teaches a wide variety of classes including pre and post natal yoga, teaching pregnant women yoga has been a highlight of her teaching career.

Today Di’s yoga practice is a gentler blend of static poses with Vinyasa. Yoga has taught Di to respect the changes that occur in her body and she translates that through her teaching with a sense of kindness and compassion she learns through meditation.


Jonelle Kapsalos

Jonelle is dedicated to bringing health, wellness, and peace of mind to everyone on the mat. Her style of yoga is primarily Vinyasa which is best described as a dynamic and flowing moving meditation synchronised to the breath. The united focus on breath and movement is deeply energising and ultimately calming for the body, mind and spirit. Jonelle’s classes are known for their sense of joy, creativity, and for encouraging people of all levels to explore and connect with a deeper sense of their self. Jonelle teaches General Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga for Mums and Bubs, Yin, Core Yoga, and Family Yoga.

A mum to two precious boys, Evan four and Adoni two, Jonelle is forever grateful for the lessons she has learnt from yoga that go beyond the mat. Jonelle also works as a Marketing Manager in the Health and Wellbeing industry, has worked extensively as a volunteer counsellor and has a Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Psychology.


Renae Bedells

After experiencing a major life turn-around she decided that she would combine her love for yoga and her passion for children’s education and embark on her Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 at the Yoga Space, Specialising in Children’s Yoga. It was here that she was able to totally commit to her yoga and developed a strong and much deeper practice and understanding of yoga.

Renae is also a Physical Education and Pre-primary teacher and has had experience working with children of all ages including children with special needs. She believes that yoga is a valuable tool for teaching children life-skills that can help them to become emotionally grounded, happy and compassionate children and sets them up for taking these skills into adulthood.

Kids Yoga

Renae’s Kids Yoga classes for ages 6 -10 employ imaginative play, stories, singing, drama and games to introduce and practice yoga asana (poses), pranayama (breath control) as well as mindfulness and relaxation techniques. She includes the teaching of positive virtues such as compassion, trust and perseverance into her classes as well as encouraging and developing balance, flexibility, muscular control, mental concentration, social skills, emotional self-regulation and self-confidence.


Sava Papos

Having practiced yoga for many years in the Iyengar and Hatha traditions, Sava rediscovered Ashtanga Yoga in 2006 and has been committed to a daily Mysore practice ever since.

Sava has been teaching since 2009.  His classes are strong and focussed predominantly on breath awareness and strength in posture and alignment, and in exploring the incredible transformation which the practice initiates to unexpected areas of life.

"Yoga has been the most incredible tool for me in finding ease in life and as a tool to remain focussed and steady in challenging situations. I love the excitement of pursuing the unknown with every journey I take on my mat"


Olivia Dohler

Olivia was first introduced to yoga whilst travelling through Europe in 2002. Many years later after time spent on and off the yoga mat she discovered a great passion for Ashtanga yoga. Incorporating yoga into daily life she was completely inspired by the mind, body and health benefits it brought. Sharing this passion of yoga with others only seemed like a natural progression.

Since completing her Hatha Vinyasa teacher training in 2011, Olivia has been fortunate enough to share her love for yoga at Scarborough Yoga Centre and teaching private tutorials. Olivia also had the opportunity of travelling to India to seek out and learn the many variations of yoga.


Suzanne Marshall

Suzanne brings to yoga a deep desire to help others, together with her many years as a professional dancer and teacher. Starting with ballet at 6 years old, Suzanne feels it was her natural destiny to teach and give back from very early in life. Aged 11 she was already assisting in the classes of younger students, and at 20 graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance, London, as a teacher.

Living in India Suzanne was drawn to yoga classes in Delhi as a respite from the sometimes harsh and poverty stricken world around her, Suzanne began her own yoga journey. What a privilege it was to practise there, at the very heart of yoga! Suzanne then attended the teachers training course at the Sivananda Ashram, Kerala. The year 2007 brought the family to Perth where Suzanne deepened her knowledge with a further teachers training course.

Suzanne has been practising and teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga at the Scarborough Yoga Centre since 2008. She is excited to bring yoga into the community and has a passion for reaching out to all newcomers with her beginners courses.

Suzanne’s general classes lean towards Vinyasa style, with flowing and invigorating sequences in coordination with the breath. Whilst maintaining an eye for alignment and technique she teaches with kindness, always allowing for the ability of the student giving modifications and encouragement when needed.

The balance, joy and support that yoga gives Suzanne in her daily life, continues to influence her teaching. Suzanne remains very much the student at heart and is humble when she sees how much she still has to learn. Suzanne is also a qualified massage therapist and a Reiki 2 practitioner.


Loris Della-Santa

Loris has been a dedicated student of Yoga since 1998, primarily in Iyengar yoga and he has studied with many senior teachers. The teachers who marked a big influence on his practise included John Leebold in Perth, Nicky Knoff in Cairns, Rajiv and Swati Chanchani in India.

He also spent seven months studying yoga in India, two of that at Ramayani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune.

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