The S.Y.C offers classes to suit everyone’s needs, from the raw beginner to the advanced practitioner. There is no competition in Yoga practice, and all students move with their own breath at their own pace.


In all classes the emphasis is on developing correct understanding and technique for practice, while modifications, adjustments and variations of postures and breathing (Pranayama) techniques are always given for students at all levels of practice.


Special Event




Join Noelette for a yoga class combining the principles of Yin and Yang and how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may be complementary and interconnected.

This class will be one hour of Yin and one hour of Yang.  Our goal will be to find a balance between passive and active energy, effort and surrender. 

Both styles combined will help encourage you to find 'stillness in movement' and to 'accept what is' for that moment.

This class is on Saturday 5th November at 1pm to 5pm and is $40 for the class.


If you would like to join please email Noelette - info@scarboroughyoga.com 




















Scarborough Yoga Centre 176a St Brigids Terrace, Scarborough, WA 6019 Telephone: 0431 996 073